We offer high quality polypropylene bags, new and used. Being a thorough and experienced company selling PP Big Bags, we offer full range of reliable packaging. The big bag’s diversity in volume and carrying capacity will allow you to find packaging that will perfectly suit your expectations in regards to storage and transportation of even the heaviest materials. We offer big bags with the carrying capacity from 500kg to 1000 kg. We invite you to get to know our comprehensive offer. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.
About us

About us

Our company specializes in elastic containers that store and transport granular materials – the Big Bag containers. Thanks to the longstanding practice and technologically advanced equipment, we offer BigBags of the best sort. We adjust them strictly to the expectations and requirements of our client – our endurable and functional PP (polypropylene) Big Bags are used within multiple industries. The Big Bags are used, for example, to store chemical fertilizers and granulates. Also, they ease transportation of crops, salt, sugar and other granular materials used in the food industry. Additionally, the elastic container is used in transportation of gravel, sand or granite.


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